Why don’t you have job adverts? Because we use headhunt & search techniques, rather than relying on job applicants. You can see a list of our live roles, along with roles we have placed, on our jobs page.

As you’re a headhunt business, are your rates higher than an agency? No, we try and match rates where possible. Our rates are competitive, and they depend on the type of campaign we run for our clients (retained, contingent, exclusive etc). We’d much rather partner with you than not, over a couple of %.

What’s the difference between Rosslyn David and a recruitment agency? We headhunt live candidates about specific roles as opposed to sending batch CV’s from a database, which is a more thorough and accurate way of engaging with candidates. This leads to less CV submissions, higher interview ratios and higher placement percentage.

What do you recruit? Anything ‘marketing or creative’ across nearly all industries. From Assistant level roles in marketing and design, all the way up to CMO/VP roles… and everything in between.

Why no database? In our experience, we’ve found that the only true way to manage candidate’s expectations is to be 100% honest. Candidates ‘needs & wants’ change faster than anyone’s database can be updated.

Do you pre-qualify candidates? Yes, we have a 6-step process we go through between initial engagement and submission to client. This covers everything from briefing the candidate, to checking CV authenticity all the way through to interview prep.

Why do you insist on visiting every client? Because we don’t feel comfortable arranging interviews in offices we haven’t seen ourselves, with people we haven’t met personally. It’s also a much better way to build proper relationships that last and it enables us to brief candidates more authentically.

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