"I had a really interesting and insightful chat with Adam as part of the Job Gymnasium service. He had a lot of advice and offered suggestions about how to successfully conduct job searches and optimise my CV to showcase my knowledge and expertise. Having worked within the recruitment industry myself for 10 years, Adam's insight was innovative and like nothing I've heard before and after a 30 minute call, I came away with actionable advice. I would highly recommend talking with Adam and the Job Gymnasium if you are a marketing professional looking for personal and valuable direction on securing a new role. Thanks so much Adam!"

E. Tait-Barber

"I've recently undertaken a JobSearch Gymnasium call with Adam and it was a breath of fresh air. He was genuine, open, honest and down to earth which put me completely at ease. The session gave me inspiration and confidence which is exactly what I was looking for. Thoroughly recommend the service, thanks so much Adam!"

K. White

"I did one of the first JobSearch Gymnasium calls with Adam and it was genuinely so helpful to see how a real person sees me. He's honest, friendly, listens, and is able to understand your goals and give advice from an experienced perspective. Thanks so much for taking the time."

P. Chablani

"From the moment Adam connected with me on a particular role he was very professional and friendly. He took time to understand what I was looking for to ensure the role was right. When it came to the interview he spent time explaining who the company were, what the people were like and provided some top tips to help me get the role. When he called to say id got the role there was genuine excitement in his tone. Adam is one of the best recruiters I’ve spoken with and the role was a perfect match!"

N. Ott

"Adam helped me with my current role, the support he gave me was faultless and the job is absolutely perfect for me. You can rely on him for complete transparency and being kept up to date on the status of your applications. He makes the process of job searching/interviewing as painless as possible!"

A. Wright

"I've worked with Adam in both ways - as a client looking for a role (which I then got and found fitted my requirements perfectly) and as a client hiring for roles through his agency. I have found him to be fantastic at sourcing great talent for me that fits the brief and budget. I have met some incredible individuals as a result of Adam and his team's work and filled every role he has hired for me with suitable candidates."

C. Naude

  • Writing a CV is HARD

    LinkedIn is a MINEFIELD

    Recruiters are USELESS

    Applying for jobs and hearing NOTHING back

    If you can relate to even ONE of the above, then you would benefit massively from a conversation with Adam.

    Adam Nichols is an outspoken and honest marketing headhunter who, after being inundated with job seekers who struggle with the way the market currently operates, thought there MUST be a way he can help more people.

    Whether it’s knowing how a CV should be structured, tips & tricks about getting noticed on LinkedIn, how to talk to recruiters, what to expect in interviews or even just how to begin a search for a new role… Adam will provide sound advice.

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"I spoke to Adam as part of his Job Gymnasium service to get help with my CV and some expert advice on how to approach my job search and each application. Adam's feedback and advice was invaluable in terms of understanding from the recruitment side of the table how I can present myself on my CV and get the attention of hiring managers. I highly recommend taking the time to speak to Adam to get expert feedback on how to put together a top CV and approach your job search to stand out from the pack. It's particularly invaluable at this time with so many applicants for each role and will give you a big advantage in the job market."

N. Barmada

"Had a great talk with Adam Nichols on the Jobsearch Gymnasium. Adam is knowledgeable about his field and offered me objective, valuable and actionable advice in 30 minutes. Definite proof that we can learn something new from somebody new every day and I'm glad for taking the chance to speak to Adam. Cheers!"

L. Duvnjak

"I did one of the JobSearch Gymnasium calls with Adam and the advice he offered was great and informative - made me feel like I had a lot of potential and assisted me with my worries regarding a future career. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!"

I. Spiteri

"I've found Adam to be straight talking, honest and super helpful. If you want to deal with a headhunter who is serious about helping you secure the right person for the role or indeed you're seriously looking for a role - speak to Adam."

H. Bryant

"Adam helped recruit me for a head of department position at a regional agency and was great throughout the process. Having dealt with a number of recruiters what I liked about Adam was that he was direct and to the point about all of the realities and expectations of the role and the recruiting company. There wasn’t any hard sell when the agency did offer me the role and he wasn’t pushing to get me to accept to get his commission, he just let me make my own mind up in my own time. I’d completely trust Adam to recruit for me if I needed a new team member and I’d definitely trust him to find me another role if I decide to move on."

C. Dowse

"Adam made my entire recruitment journey a pleasant one. His greatest quality being communication, he was truly on top of his game and made sure I was kept up to date on any news from the employer. He shared genuine excitement with me when I was offered the job and did his best throughout to help me with the interview process. Thanks for being great, Adam!"

Z. Sheikh

"Adam was the most professional and diligent recruitment consultant I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He always went above and beyond to guide me through the process and secured me a dream position for a fantastic company. I would recommend Adam to anyone who is looking for a job, or looking to get one of their own filled!"

L. Donovan

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