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Rosslyn David specialise in marketing, digital & communications recruitment across the UK.

The founders noticed two trends in the recruitment market:

– Recruiters nearly always make either the client or the candidate their priority, inevitably letting one side down.

– Agencies struggle to retain staff, leading to an inconsistent experience for clients and candidates due to ever-changing points of contact.

The first trend can be corrected by honesty. We make sure we manage expectations accordingly for our candidates and clients alike.

The second is something we may face as we grow, so we have made sure the culture and values of Rosslyn David are set and managed constantly, right from the outset.

Rosslyn David have over 30 years combined experience across recruitment, customer service, sales, account management and business negotiation. Coupled with a combination of honesty and ambition, we plan to improve the service offering for marketing recruitment nationally.

Meet the team
Adam Nichols - Director recruitment

Adam Nichols - Director

Adam has recruited purely within marketing for nearly 5 years now… and he loves it! Whether it’s getting under the skin of a candidate who is unsure about their next move, or pulling apart a job specification to help a client build their team, you’ll struggle to find someone more passionate about their craft.

He works with companies all over the country, covering industries such as software, technology, pharmaceuticals, sport, manufacturing, FMCG and more.

Adam believes the backbone of being a good recruiter is being honest, and this has been a key driver in creating Rosslyn David.


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Bobby Payne - Director recruitment

Bobby Payne - Director

Bobby has developed and run a very successful engineering communications company for nearly 10 years. The reason Bobby wanted to get into the industry was down to his experience as a client, working with recruiters. He’s been involved with recruiters when adding to his own company, so what better experience to use?

Bobby is a commercial thinker, who puts service at the heart of his work. He’s a seasoned contract negotiator, and with this comes empathy and whole lot of listening, which is a sought-after combination in our industry!

He wanted to create Rosslyn David because he knew there was a better way of providing the right service to candidates and clients.


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James Human - Marketing Recruiter recruitment

James Human - Marketing Recruiter

James is fairly new to the world of recruitment with just over a years experience but it’s been a smooth transition from his previous role as a Bank Manager and his 10 years in Banking beforehand.

Quick to adapt and learn his trade, James has placed brand new marketing functions in to start ups, execs in to SMEs and Heads Of and Directors in to international corporates.

He attributes his success to 2 core skills, problem solving and relationship building and is as comfortable working with senior stakeholders as he is junior.

Where will you find him in his spare time? Under the bonnet of his cars, with a glass of rum in his hand or at the gym. Rarely all at the same time.


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